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Born and bred in Brisbane Australia, I was fascinated but scared of storms when I was a child.  A large flood on the farm that I grew up on became the catalyst for my interest in severe weather.


In 2001 I ventured out for my first real storm chase. I am not going to lie I had no idea of what I was looking at when I intercepted that thunderstorm, but over the years I became obsessed with broadening my understanding of how the atmosphere works and ever since, I have headed out every Spring and Summer across South Eastern Queensland and North Eastern New South Wales in search of severe weather. 


After many years of trying, I finally lived out a life long dream of going storm chasing in the USA in 2010. Seeing a tornado is absolutely the pinnacle of  the "sport" that is storm chasing and I was lucky enough to witness a rather pretty one in Last Chance Colorado. Whilst some would be satisfied having ticked this off their bucket list, storm chasing and the adrenaline you get from it is like a drug, and for me, once I saw one I needed to see more. I have been back to chase in the USA 8 times since and I am fortunate enough to be a tour guide for the storm chasing tour company Silver Lining Tours which is run and owned by the world renown storm chaser Roger Hill and his wife Caryn Hill.



















Being the adrenaline junkie I am, I love a good adventure and I have also been lucky enough to head out on a couple of volcano chases, climbing Bali's Mt Agung and of course the infamous Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. I have recently returned from a trip to Vanuatu's Yasur Volcano, where I captured some stunning footage!  Next year I plan to add to that list with a descent into Vanuatu's Marum volcano where I hope to come face to face with a boiling lava lake!




















March 2017, I ventured out for my first Tropical Cyclone chase with my good friend Andy Barber and our North Queensland counterparts Oz Cyclone Chasers. We intercepted the eye and eye wall of Severe Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie as it crossed the beautiful Airlie Beach region on the Whitsunday Coast.  We experienced winds gusts of over 220km/h for a number of hours. I also covered the flooding it produced in the lower regions of QLD, including the destruction of my own mother's property. It has all culminated into an experience that I will never forget.



I not only cover these events for my myself and the locals; I have also reported on a larger scale across Australia and the USA. Some of my interviews and reports have been seen on the following: Channel 7's Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, Weekend Sunrise and 7 News Brisbane. Channel 9's Today Extra and 9 News Brisbane. Channel 10's The Project and Totally Wild and the ABC just to name a few.



Yasur Volcano

Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu, September 2018

New Mexico

Rare New Mexico Tornado and storm structure, May 2018

Intense cloud to ground lightning hits in Texas, May 2016
Violent Canton Tornado, May 24th 2011
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