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June 10th 2010

Well what a day this was, I had been waiting my whole life to see a fully fledged tornado and today was the day.

There were some uncertainties as to where we might head, we decided to play the upslope flow across eastern Colorado once more.  A storm developed to the west of Limon and moved in a ENE direction.  

This storm had phenomenal structure as well as producing two lovely tornadoes into the evening.  I screamed with tears running down my face, I had finally achieved what was a life long goal.

6th June 2010

This will be a day I will never forget.

After many years of trying in 2010 I ventured off to the USA to storm chase in tornado ally.  2010 had up until this point been a very very active season and would continue to do so over the coming weeks.

With decent upslope flow across portions of eastern Colorado, Wyoming and south western Nebraska this was our target region.  We watched as a couple of strong storms formed, one with a nice wall cloud before slowly dying.  We headed further north and intercepted a beautiful LP supercell across north eastern Colorado late in the day.

It was a fantastic taste for what might lie ahead in the coming days.

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